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Michele Boscolo Cappon
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Michele Boscolo Cappon


Contributor History-Naturalist-Photographer

Michele Boscolo Cappon, born in Asiago in 1974, son of seas and mountains.

Sensitive observer and lover, has always devoted himself to the study of animals that inhabit the mountains trying to understand the habits and the tight, balanced relationship with the environment.

An assiduous frequenter of Woods and alpine meadows up from an early age, only 6 years old, in complete solitude, was lost in the nature of mountains with huge disappointment.

Through nature photography has sought and seeks to translate their experiences into photographic images aimed at raising awareness of nature.

Personal photographic exhibitions on environment, flora and fauna and in particular topics about ornithology, grouse and small Alpine and upland birds.

Photographic collaborations with several magazines, industry journals, guides and texts.

He followed with interest, cooperation and monitoring, reintroduction projects in plateau of suede.

Active in the Census and monitoring the consistency of the Grouse Woods Advantag.

Since the first sightings Trentino-Venetians, great interest on the issue of the return of large carnivores through, active participation and outreach meetings, camera trapping activity on the plateau.

Catapulted into work at a very young age, succeeds by working to achieve the diploma in telecommunications.

Various freelance work with industry, bicycles and motorcycles, working experience in farm nursery, Refuge Manager for a number of years of Strong 2020mslm mountain refuge, where he created a Top Verena Verena, collaboration with plateau, an emotional journey about World War I.

He attended various courses and seminars and knowledge of medicinal herbs and edibles.

Sports, ice hockey, cross country skiing, downhill skiing, ski touring, mountain biking and trail running.

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