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Nicola Galvan

Nicola Galvan
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Nicola Galvan

Nicola Galvan

Natural collaborator-Orienteering instructor

Nicola was born in July 1979 and since childhood he spends his summers and winters in close contact with nature on a plateau with friends, curious to know hidden aspects and sincere.

The passion for nature led him to pursue studies in the environmental field where he obtained the degree in forestry and Environmental Sciences in Padua in 2005 and subsequently to improve matters with the highest topographic ratings.

In 2010 he began working at the technical studies as Technical Assistant in forestry, agricultural and environmental.

From 2015 began to collaborate with the Association "Plateau Guides".

Also, sports enthusiast since 1992 practicing in competitive orienteering and was among the founders of the Sports Group of the plateau.

With free time is dedicated to skiing in winter and hiking in summer.

Roles within the Association:


-responsible for career guidance activities in both summer and winter;

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