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Jose Baez

Jose Baez
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Jose Baez

Riccardo Benetti

Environmental Naturalist Guide-Actor-Forester-Literary Guide

Originally from the Asiago plateau and mountain and history buff, Jose Baez lives in Padova, works as a theatrical actor, author and trainer, as well as being Environmental naturalist guide.

Since 2005 is formed within the theater, storytelling, clowning and recited, reading of animated reading for children and teens.

Founder in 2013 "Compagnia Initinere", combines the two passions for theatre and nature making one side courses-drama workshops for children and adults, on the other, instructional lessons, excursions and recreational expression workshops on sustainability.

As an actor and author, to his credit has different shows, monologues, readings, literary excursions on historical, social and environmental issues, both adults (delicate flowers, Ortigara 1917, heroes Commons, Chronicles from the first voyage round the world, poisons and cleavers: serial killers at the time of Doges), that for boys (freewheel, back home, Ulysses, stories on the water surface, The Ecoracconti , Queen of the forest, forests and valleys in fior ...).

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-Professional Actor

-Environmental Naturalist Guide

-Responsible activities for the kids and Theatre Trips

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