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Altar Knotto

Altar KnottoAltar Knotto
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Route Knotto Altar

Altar Knotto, legends of the plateau

Altar Knotto
Altar Knotto
Scheda tecnica
Easy route, average ascent
Altitude difference
200 m
3-4 h
From May to the beginning of the first snowfall
Adults and youth, persons with disabilities non-motor
The path
  • Street Mezzaselva-Rotzo
  • Telale curve
  • Cross of Altaburg
  • Altar Knotto
  • Road of BĂ ssara
  • Dosso Hemmera
  • Telale curve
Geographical Geological Landscape Nature Ethnography

The entire route is located in the territory of the comune di Rotzo, one of the oldest of all the Asiago plateau. The convenient location of this area avantaggiano the birth of numerous species of flora typical of mixed forests. Also the variety of animal species will be present just because of the location of this location ensures the animals a bloom and therefore availability of food for a long period of the year.

The points of major interest to visit are the Cross of Altaburg and the Altar Knotto later. The latter represents the sacrificial altar or Devil's rock which place overlooking the Valdastico has been subject to a variety of popular beliefs. In the plateau represents the oldest religious witness of the territory and certainly know its history becomes particularly interesting.

Natural level the path is full of lush vegetation, so as to appear to those who visit it for the first time a large Botanical Garden in the open air.