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We are a Group of professionals who work in the territory since 2008, the first practitioners of the district with Environmental licenses of nature guides, Mountain Guides and tour leaders who have decided to work together in the Altopiano di Asiago-seven municipalities.

Our goal is to make known to tourists and locals alike, Asiago and the plateau through guided tours and hiking activities in the places of the Great War and in the naturalenvironment.

We offer hiking activities of varying difficulty and according to individual professionalism, walks are accessible to all, emotional trips, workshops and field trips for schools, guided outings to places of World War I, guided tours of the Great War Museum in Canove, naturalistic Museum educational "Patrizio Rigoni" of Asiago and the Ethnographic Museum of sheep of Foza, trekking activities in security more days , visits to mountain pastures with gastronomic tasting, star-gazing evenings and snowshoe hiking tours with lunch and dinner at our best lodges and restaurants located at Asiago or in other municipalities of the plateau.

We are a group of enthusiasts and sports practitioners, who will convey the passion for outdoor sports activities, carried out by mountain bike, on skis or hiking activities.

We Guide the Asiago plateau we work throughout the territory of the seven towns and we also offer the opportunity to book your guided tour.

We guide in: Asiago-Conco-Enego-Foza-Gallium-Roana-Rotzo.

Discover our excursions / snowshoeing and our Trekking

Emotions in the mountains


Excursions, snowshoeing and guided trekking WINTER 2023 in complete safety with our environmental nature guides and our Mid-Mountain Guides,

Certified guides for walking and MTB accompaniment



About us

Mountain Guides-Environmental-nature guides tourist guides

Highland Guides: a group of mountain professionals and culture practising professionally conduction activity of people in organized tours and snowshoeing to Asiago and the rest of Altopiano dei Sette Comuni and the massif of Monte Grappa and other areas of natural beauty and environmental or historical interest.

Our components are:

-Mountain Guides registered with the College National law enabled MOUNTAIN GUIDES # 6 of 1989

-Environmental nature guides are enabled from the province of Vicenza, according to regional law 33 of 2002 and inserted in the appropriate provincial lists.


-Nordic Walking Instructors certified by ANI and ITALIAN SCHOOL NW

-Orienteering Instructor recognized

-Professional actors enrolled in the actors

and above all we are all graduates in forestry and Environmental Sciences or natural sciences

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Asiago plateau: born to be wild

TheAltopiano di Asiago-Asiago is a remarkable extension of plateau, located a short distance from the Po Valley. The territory has both accentuated mountainous morphology typical of central basin tabular aspects.

The forest covers more than 2/3 of the territory and the forests are characterized by altitudinal seriations ranging from castagneto at higher altitudes of pines which give way to the Prairies at high altitudes.

On the plateau there are 12 categories, the largest of which are the beech woods, followed by spruce and pine wood Habitat, namely beech, spruce and Fir. Among forest types present in live animals, with a fauna that reflects the character of the alpine areas.

Among the animals we encounter several species of ungulates (Deer, deer, chamois, wild boar and Mouflon). Has been repeatedly spotted the bear (strong biological indicator: his presence is a sign of great naturalness of our plateau) and does not exclude the presence of the Lynx. In seven municipalities then you can meet endemics or rare speciessuch as the salamander by Aurora or the elusive grouse.

Due to the permeable nature of the geological substratum, lacks almost completely the surface water courses or natural bodies of water, consequently there are numerous karst phenomena detectable in the area: the underground cavities explored are thousands, some deeper than 1,000 metres in some areas then we can meet Rocky paving those extended karren or layered formations called Rock City.

Over 100 Alpine huts are on the plateau and, by extension of their pastures and number, the most important Alpine system of the Alps.

The wonders of the Plateau

The nature of our Highland offers diverse opportunities of choice: from huge colored flowers meadows, steep peaks and forest paths for long outdoor excursions with panoramic views.

Environmental Excursions
The charm of the great war

For history lovers, the cultural richness of the fortifications which has fought the world war, retracing the steps of soldiers, visiting the trenches and historical monuments that make the Plateau a paradise.

Great War Excursions
Snowshoeing and snow outputs

Winter activities don't end: Snowshoeing to stay mesmerised by the snowy landscape and the stones, with landscapes and healthy outdoor excursions.

Snowshoeing Excursions

Group activities

Proposals for schools, groups and Tour operators

  • ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION for schools and workshops: we collaborate on Educational nature museum cin "Patrizio Rigoni and ar Lusaan Museum of Nature Spilar Lusiana and propose the following laboratories:
  • Tours and HISTORICAL TOURS: World War I battlefields
  • NATURALISTIC excursions and guided tours: the plateau and its nature
  • SNOWSHOEING TOURS: safely within the Altopiano di Asiago
  • NATURALISTIC WORKSHOPS for CHILDREN, guided tours of the Botanical Garden of Monte Corno.
  • NATURALISTIC and historic EVENINGS on the nature and history of the Altopiano di Asiago
  • DESIGNING NATURE TRAILS And DESIGN for the DISABLED in accordance with doctors.

Excursion booking


Adults (less than 10) € 10,00 each

Adults group with more than 10 persons € 8,00 per person

Children till 15 years € 5,00 per person

Children up to 6 years, disabled and handicapped: free

To book the excursion is necessary (when specified) pay a deposit of € 10,00 .

The amount of the excursion will then soldered directly driving the day of release.

If the tour had to be cancelled due to inclement weather or does not reach the minimum number of 5 participants, the deposit will be valid for future travel. If you would rather receive a refund simply request it by clicking here.

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