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Our collaborations are consolidated activities together with other tourism operators to make known the Asiago plateau in all its aspects.

Highland guides, the first Guide of the Asiago plateau!

Collaborations with Mountain Professionals, Nature and History

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Our group collaborates with many fellow Mountain Professionals. We collaborate with Environmental Nature Guides, Mountain Media Guides, Alpine Guides, Aspiring Alpine Guides, Nordic and Alpine Ski Masters and many Professional Photographers.

Our employees Professionals of the Mountain, History and Nature

Collaborations with Entities, Museums and Agencies

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The local museums and many institutions make use of our collaborations. Promoting bodies, municipal bodies, cultural associations, sports associations and museums that are very many in the area.

Discover the facilities where we collaborate and where you can call us for the guided tour.

Discover Museums, Entities and Agencies

Collaborations with Shelters, Malghe, Hotel and B&B

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On the Asiago Plateau there are many accommodations that collaborate with us, advising guests who wish to venture to discover the Plateau the guided tours organized by our guides.

Discover the Shelters, Hotels, Malghe and B&B that collaborate withus!