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About us

Nature Guides, Mountain Guides, Historical Experts

We are a group of freelancers and mountain culture engaged professionally conduction activity of people in guided tours to historical sites, such as those of the great war but not only, of literature and the natural environment, with the aim of discovering and making known the territory of Altopiano dei Sette Comuni, to whom we are closely related by descent.

Certified guides and accredited

Our passions for nature, history and sport led us to choose a way of life based on the study of the environment and local history. Science graduates, tourist and sports such as forest and Environmental Sciences, the natural sciences and physical education we specialize in historical scope of courses recognised by the province of Vicenza.  To be able to pursue our careers, we are officially registered to professional associations of Environmental nature guide (L.R. No. 33 of 2002 del Veneto), Accompanist mountain (23 July 2013, L.R. # 18) and Master ski (L.R. No. 2 of 2005). Qualifications from us possegute as guides Joonie are also the following: tour leader-Nordic Walking Instructor-titles and specializations CAI-Rescuer-orientation Instructor.

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Where we bring you?

Discover the places of our releases

From hiking along ancient and sometimes daring trails that cross or that lead up to our plateau and that were paced over the centuries by soldiers, partisans, recovering, smugglers and pastors, from forests to the most beautiful mountains at breathtaking panoramic views to conclude with pins on days of important events and snowshoeing in the winter for snow lovers.

We will accompany you to visit:

The sacred area of Mount Ortigara; the first Austro-Hungarian line of Monte Church, Mount oven, Monte Carlo Colombara; the top of the Caldiera and its observational sites; the Cima Portule, strategic mountain during the great war; Val Ant and its gentle landscape; Val Galmarara, artery of paramount importance during the first world war; Monte Zebio and history of the Sassari Brigade; Austro-Hungarian cemeteries of Mount Mosciagh; the barracks broken; the beautiful plain of Marcesina, place of Mario Rigoni Stern; the strong Campolongo, Verena, Lisser, Corbin, Vezzena, Verle and Lucerna, by putting ourselves in the lives of the soldiers; the three mountains and the recovery of our army; CIMA Ekar and astronomical observatories; Val Magnaboschi and British cemeteries; the Monte Cengio and spectacular trail of entrenchment; the Melette and its Karst environment; Monte Horn with the Botanical Garden; the Mill Valley; the waterfalls of Pach; the Monte trinceroni Campolongo ... and many other places yet!

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