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Val di Nos

Val di Nos
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Natural Ring route Val di Nos

Circular itineraries

Val di Nos
Val di Nos
Scheda tecnica
Altitude difference
50 m
3:00 (2:00 walk)
Late spring, summer, early autumn
Adults, teens. Also suitable for persons with disabilities of auditory and Visual type when accompanied
The path
  • Val di Nos Gallium

There are two circular itineraries, which are intertwined in the area to form a ring at 8 for a total of about 5 km path completely in the Woods, on roads and trails.

The first link, called "forest management" is designed to be covered by the disabled in wheelchairs or with mobility impairments and still allows to plunge into the beautiful Woods of Val di Nos. The second route is named "the ecosystem of the forest", is more articulate and presents some minimal hospitals, apart from being slightly longer.