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Valle dei Mulini

Valle dei Mulini
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Mill Valley route

The ancient road of Val of Covola-Gallium

The Valle dei Mulini
The Valle dei Mulini
Scheda tecnica
Medium when wet
Altitude difference
150 m
3.5 h (2.5 h walk)
Late spring, summer, early autumn
Adults, teens. Also suitable for persons with disabilities of auditory and Visual type when accompanied
The path
  • Centre of Gallium
  • The entrance to the Valley of Covola
  • Guided visit to the mills
  • Contrada Ronchi
  • Centre of Gallium


Until the first world war the whole Valley played a role of particular commercial interest. Le case della contrada below were built along steep slopes lined up at the side of the trough.

The eight buildings had two floors and at times they even served as a dwelling. The discussions were numerous, grain mills, batteries for barley, feel from mezzalana, pestascorze and wood saws.


The territory of Gallium, unlike other areas of the plateau, is full of perennial water sources. Their abundance along the extension of the woodlands, has meant that over the centuries developed crafts or paleoindustriali, first among them the leather tanning. There was in fact both the water to move the wheels of mills that FIR bark, from which derive the tannin, used to make rot proof skins.

Theart of tanning was a branch of thePlateau and constituted "one of the heads of some importance in their trade with the outside". Among the leading sources include Covola, remembered by many historians that flows just below the village of gallium, giving the name to the Valley.