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Waterfalls of Pach

Waterfalls of Pach
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Route the Pach

Water and nature in Rotzo

The waterfalls of Pach
The waterfalls of Pach
Scheda tecnica

Challenging if wet

Altitude difference
200 m
3.5 h (2.5 h walk)
Late spring, summer, early autumn
Adults and teenagers
The path

Waterfalls of Pach



The territory of Rotzo, consists of unique across the plateau of Asiago. It is one of the oldest municipalities of the plateau, where you can admire the remains of ancient prehistory by visiting the archaeological village of Bostel.

Natural level presents some particularity dates only from altitude and from where it is located. Like all other municipalities also features a karst plateau's strong, Rotzo does not allow water to flow to the surface, so streams and creeks stand out only after the snowmelt or heavy summer storms. But with some exceptions are formed of small streams livable during the whole time of the year, is the case of waterfalls formed by Pach in Rotzo. The route starts from the village centre and goes so far as to ledges that separate the town from the Assa. Here lie the falls between jumps and a very special vegetation.

Percoorenza time

4:00 with guided tour