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Cima Portule

Cima Portule
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Route Cima Portule

The door on the plateau

Portule Nozzle
Portule Nozzle
Scheda tecnica
Height difference
700 m
5:0 (promenade 3:0)
Late spring, summer, and early fall
The path
  • Alpine Larch
  • Former military road
  • Nozzle Portule
  • Cima Portule
  • Door Kempel
  • Alpine Larch

Top fall in hand Austro-Hungarian in may 1916, will become the true goal of attacks at Ortigara aimed at its reconquest; in fact, the famous operation K, was the code name for the mountain in the Cimbrian language. You will encounter numerous remains of military works such as "Gunner" and "waterTank" Vent Portule, remains of Austro-Hungarian cable and numerous trenches.


It crosses an environment rich in flora and fauna "high altitude" with alpine meadows above the vegetation of the forest. This ring reaches one of the highest peaks and beautiful, allowing you to appreciate one of the most panoramic and suggestive "balconies" of the entire plateau.