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Monte Fior and Castelgomberto

Monte Fior and Castelgomberto
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Itinerary Monte Fior and Castelgomberto

The "key" of Italy

Monte Fior and Castelgomberto
Monte Fior and Castelgomberto
Scheda tecnica
Altitude difference
350 m
5:00 (4:00 walk)
Late spring, summer, early autumn
Adults, teens. Also suitable for persons with disabilities of auditory and Visual type when accompanied
The path
  • Foza
  • Monte Meletta
  • Monte Fior
  • Monte Castelgomberto
  • Malga Lora
  • Foza

In may 1916 the Austrian offensive of spring, better known as Strafexpedition, invested thePlateau of "seven towns". Between 5 and 8 June 1916 he fought the first battle of Melette. Four Alpine Battalions "Argentera," "Morbegno", "Val Maira" and "Monte viso", in "Alpine group Foza" and six battalions of 151° e 152° infantry regiment of the "Brigade Sassari", no artillery support, was arrested on the last bastion of Monte Fior and Monte Castelgomberto the aggressive Imperial Division 6 departments, including 27° Regiment "Konig der Belgier' and 2° Regiment of Bosnia.

The second battle was fought from 14 to 17 and the Melette from 22 to 23 November 1917. The Austro-Hungarian attack, launched the 3-5 December 1917, forced the Italian regiments back further South on the line of the "three mountains".


Significant is the karst type, and the abundant variety of rare species of flora.