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Monte Ortigara

Monte Ortigara
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Route of Monte Ortigara

The "Calvary degli Alpini"

Mount Ortigara
Mount Ortigara
Scheda tecnica
Altitude difference
550 m
5:00 (4:00 walk)
Late spring, summer, early autumn
Adults, teens. Also suitable for persons with disabilities of auditory and Visual type when accompanied
The path
  • Piazzale Lozze
  • Mount Bell
  • Turin Observatory
  • Monte Caldiera
  • Scale pit
  • North Gate
  • Monte Ortigara
  • Piazzale Lozze

The Monte Ortigara (sacred area) is one of the best known and most frequented mountains on theAsiago plateau. Theatre of one of the bloodiest battles during the world war, "the action K" better known as "Battle of Ortigarain June 1917, who first saw the combined use of all Alpine Battalions Italians and several regiments of infantry. The whole area is part of 1 of 19 sites in theEco-Museum of the great war. You can see the remains of impressive defensive works, trenches, underground stations, observers (Turin Observatory), as well as a complex system of roads, mule tracks and logistics centres.


Going up you may well notice the transition between the upper limit of the vegetation. Significant is the typical Karst geology with the presence of numerous sinkholes.