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Strong Lisser

Strong Lisser
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Strong route Lisser

The architecture of the great war

The Strong Lisser
The Strong Lisser
Scheda tecnica
Altitude difference
300 m
4:00 (2:00 walk)
All year round, in winter it is suitable on snowshoes
Adults, teens. Also suitable for persons with disabilities of auditory and Visual type when accompanied
The path
  • Refuge Lisser
  • Casare
  • Strong Lisser
  • Monte Tombal
  • Refuge Lisser

The Strong Lisser is located on top of Mount Lisser at the altitude 1633 m, at the eastern end of thePlateau.  It was built between 1911 and 1912; along with strong Top and top of Lan, was part of the dam Italian Brenta-Cismon during the great war. The 8 June 1916 during the spring offensive (Strafexpedition) was hit by several artillery Austrian 30.5 cm; but basically remains intact in its structure and recently after the restoration that it has returned to its former "charm" was inserted into theEcomuseo delle Prealpi Vicentine "Highland forts".