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Words in War, Mount Fior - Literary Excursion

Resisting at any cost

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Scheda tecnica
Altitude difference
less than 150m
4h (3h walk)
Late spring, summer, early autumn
Boys and adults with visual and hearing problems if accompanied and on request available of Joelette mono-wheeled
Teachers Schools
Presenting a special badge, 20% discount on the day trip
The route
  • Malga Slapeur
  • City of Rock of Mount Fior
  • Malga Slapeur
Literary - Historical

Monte Fior presents a unique literature to discover together with the theatrical actor Riccardo Benetti. In addition to telling clips of history, he will read excerpts from the protagonists of the Great War such as Emilio Lussu and Paolo Monelli both protagonists and then literary authors of the events.

This destination uses various routes that our guides from time to time will choose to carry out.

Who is Riccardo Benetti?

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