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Museum of the great war

Museum of the great war
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Guided Tour Museum of the Great War

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Canove Museum
Canove Museum
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All year round only by reservation
Guided Tour - Museum Entrance
Adults, guys. Also suitable for people with hearing and visual disabilities when accompanied
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4th-5th grade, middle schools, high schools and universities
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  • Museum of the Great War

The Historical Museum of the Great War 1915-1918 of Canove,on theAsiago Plateau,was inaugurated in 1974 to witness, in a place that was the scene of bloody and prolonged clashes, the effects of war and the means devised for the total destruction of the inhabitants, artifacts and even mountains.

To date, the Museum has collected over 1000 photographs and a beautiful series of reproductions of the Beltrame boards. Visitors to the museum can observe closely and realize the numerous means of defense and offense and the logistics necessary to maintain in full efficiency two opposing masses, of 300,000 men each, deployed on theAsiago Plateau throughout the war. More than 5000 artefacts of all kinds and various personal effects are on display, such as clothing, tools, furnishings, decorations, official documents, personal testimonies and so on.

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