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The path of silence

The path of silence
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Guided Tour Path of Silence

The "Port of Memory"

Trail Silence
Trail Silence
Scheda tecnica
Medium if Wet
Altitude difference
50 m
Spring, summer and autumn
Adults, guys. Also suitable for people with hearing and visual disabilities when accompanied
School to which it is addressed
Middle schools, high schools and universities
The route
  • Path of Silence
  • Location Campomuletto
Historical - Artistic

The"Path of Silence, Gate of Memory"is a proposal created to enhance an area ofunordinal historical and environmental interest,located on thePlateau of the Seven Municipalities,in the upper Campomulo Valley.

The peace and tranquility of the place do not allow in any way the tragedy of the Great War,which ninety years ago sowed death and destruction throughout the Plateau. However, the attentive eye of the visitor can see among the fir trees and in the small valleys the signs of the War: stations, caves, shelters, trenches, former cemeteries... "The Path of Silence, Gate of Memory" draws its origins from the strength that the place emanates.

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