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Great War excursions

Great War excursions
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Places of the Great War on the plateau

The great war fought on the Asiago plateau has left many memories in our mountains that deserve to be visited and including: trenches, trenches, fortifications, artillery emplacements, tunnels, ruins of aqueducts, pitched cableways stands, decorations, signs and lettering, but also objects which can be accidentally unearthed in the soil (cutlery, splinters of bombs, bullets and cartridge cases, remains of lunchboxes, kappenabzeichen , etcetera).

The charm that brings this historical argument is unique and we Guide will accompany you to discover all the facets and the places where they fought the soldiers, not forgetting that this site was the place from which the Kingdom of Italy marked its entry into the war in 1915 and is also the only place around the front where it fought from the first to the last day of the conflict.

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