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anna sella

Anna Saddle

Nature guide-environmental-historical guide-ski instructor-instructor NW-Forestry Expert

Anna lives always inAsiago 7 Comuni plateau, a beautiful plateau of the Veneto region.
Even as a child passionate about sport and nature begins to experience nature by practicing at the age of 6 years Alpine skiing. He soon realizes that he must change his sport, something that he respected more passions, so he devoted himself to the practice of Nordic skiing.

At the same time not neglecting school and the passion for the mountains lived with family, friends and in solitude.

In 2001 he graduated from Accountant, but his passion for nature leads her to join the Faculty of forest and Environmental Sciences to Padua, where he will graduate between work and sport.

In 2007 exceeds the exams and gets the license of Environmental nature guide of the Veneto region;

In 2008 becomes Nordic Walking Instructor and started to work as a guide in the plateau of 7 municipalities.

From 2008 to 2009 worked as a Museum Guide to naturalistic Museum of natural sciences in Trento;

Since 2009 began to collaborate with forestry studies in order to exercise the profession of forestry in forest and environmental matters

Since 2009 he worked as a guide at the Alpine Botanical Garden of Monte Corno di Lusiana.

Since 2009 he works as a Trainer at an institution of vocational education teaching science subjects.

From 2007 begins to work as a guide in conjunction with Francesca and in 2008 along with other 4 members theAssociation "PLATEAU", in order to accompany the visitors to know the nature and history of thePlateau of Asiago 7 comuni.

Logo Scuola Italiana SciFrom 2012 is skiing instructor entered regularly in the Veneto Regional College ski instructors and with work at the skischool Campolongo di Rotzo.


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