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Marco Pellegrini

Marco Pellegrini
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marco pellegrini

Marco Pellegrini

Naturalistic-environmental Guide History

Born in Asiago the11 September 1983 decides to undertake scientific studies by enrolling in high school.

His passion for the land and the nature of the plateau leads him to enroll in the Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Sciences where he graduated with honors.

After graduation he obtained a PhD at the Department of territory and Agro-forestry Systems , University of Padua and stays to work within the University in research over the next few years dealing with forestry and timber sector.

His passion for the land and the mountains led him to pursue the profession of environmental and nature Guide and part since the beginning of the Association "PLATEAU".

Curiosity about the history ofAltopiano di Asiago also pushed him to study and investigate the events linked to the great war.

Parallel to the activity of driving exercises the profession of Agronomist and forestry.

Roles within the Association:

-Historical and naturalist guide.

-Forestry Expert consulting in forestry and agriculture.

-Passionate about cartography and management and processing of geographic data through the use of geographic information systems.

-Head of administration of the Association.

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