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Victor Parker

Victor Parker
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Vittorio Poli

Historic and Nature Collaborator - Amateur astronomer - Forester - Nature Photographer

Born in 1980, has always lived on the plateau. After military service took place at theHeadquarters of the Allied Land Forces Southern Europe, was graduated in forest and Environmental Sciences at the University of Padua, in the Veneto region subsequently worked for forests and the mountain economy.

Amateur astronomer from the age of 14 years, is fond of astronomy and of nature photography, a hobby that led him to get some recognition in the industry, including the A.A.P.O.D. (Amateur Astronomy Picture Of the Day) and publications on major foreign and domestic is (National Geographic, The Guardian, The Sun, Daily Mail, Le Figaro, etc.). Following this passion collaborates with some Italian, English and German agencies.

His other passions have led him to collaborate also with an ice sport web site, with a site of meteorology and with the online encyclopedia Wikipedia don't care all entries related to the plateau. This great passion for their land has also led to some web sites on the territory.

Practice often trekking and mountain biking, particularly along the southeastern slopes of the plateau rarely visited. Is keen finally to ornithology and theriology and 2010 works closely with the Platform Ornitho and 2015 with theFaunisti Association Veneti. From the same year conducted guided tours of the Museum educational nature of Asiago.

Between his tours, also carries out activities of nature photography and night orientation lessons with constellations, mythology of heaven and observational astronomy.

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