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Guido Stella

Guido Stella
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guido stella

Guido Stella

Historic Contributor

Born in Asiago on 24 April 1985 he graduated from high school at ITC Ceccato Surveyors of Thiene.

His great passion for sport, particularly hockey, Motorcross and climbing led him to enroll in the Faculty of Sciences of Verona.

Living in a historic location, means begin to take an interest in the events of the first world war from childhood. So begins to engage first and then objects of history happened during the first world war, in the Asiago plateau.

A great lover and collector of war picture, by the time Philip Menegatti knows with whom he becomes friend and collaborator in life.

In 2014 joined theAssociation "Plateau" as a historian and as a connoisseur and collector of images of the great war.

Mountain enthusiast still exerts the motocross, hockey with friends and climbing.

Roles within the Association:

• Historical Contributor

• Collector and expert of photographs of the great war in the Asiago plateau.

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