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Philip Menegatti

Companion medium mountain and historical guide

Born on 14 April 1976 the Asiago , after attending the falcoltà of forest and environmental sciences becomes natural and cultural worker of the Scientific Committee of the Cai, and Nordic Walkinginstructor.

The passion for their land leads him to collaborate with the University of Padua for a project of recovery of native sheep of Foza. In fact, for many years dealing with the recovery of this native breed of which he is the owner of several leaders.

Belonging to civil protection for years became in 2011 themanufacturer for exceeding the BLS-D courses.

Since 2010 is part of theAssociation "PLATEAU" as historical guide. For many years his studies are aimed especially at this issue over the years has led to attend numerous courses and to deepen the topic specifically.

From 2011 make guided tours at the natural history Museum of "Patrick Rafferty".

From 2012 is driving at theEthnographic Museum of Foza Mfor the exhibition "the wire", dedicated to the activity of pastoralism.

From 2012 a member of the Association "the South front"

From 2015 possesses the title of Nordic Walking Instructor listed at the Italian school of Nordic Walking and the title of companion of medium mountains where is entered regularly at the public register kept by the Collegio delle Guide Alpine del Veneto.

He is fond of mountain related sports such as rafting, climbing and bungee jumping I still practice today.

Roles within the Association:

- Medium mountain guide

-Nature Guide-Historic

- Nordic Walking Instructor

-Historical and environmental laboratories evenings

- Head of the Secretariat of the Association

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