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Frances Pesavento

Frances Pesavento
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francesca pesavento

Francesca Pesavento

Environmental and nature guide

Born in Asiago on 27 January 1982, Francesca is graduated in Natural Sciences and math teacher at State schools.

From an early age his dream was to become a teacher and devote his life to teaching. So he undertook studies in Natural Sciences, graduating with honors.

Decides to extend the passion for teaching in the field, becoming specific environmental and naturalist guide and together with a group of friends, in 2010, he founded theAssociation "PLATEAU".

Passion for nature led her to collaborate with various entities in the role of botanical guide to the Botanic Garden of Monte Corno di Lusiana and Museum Guide inside the Museo Naturalistico "Patrizio Rigoni".

It has several qualicfiche and certificates especially in the formation of the "great war".

Roles within the Association:

-Environmental naturalist guide, guide to the botanical gardens and the natural history museum

-Organization of environmental laboratories, botanical and geological type

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