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Franco Sella

Franco Sella
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Franco Sella

Naturalistic and environmental guide

Born in Asiago on 15 December 1976, has consistently demonstrated a strong passion for his native land. Undertakes studies hotels, but soon his passion leads him to enroll at the University with a purely Touristaddress.

Decides to take the scholastic profession and currently works as a lecturer at theIstituto Superiore di Asiago.

Big fan of ancient history, knows and writes the Cimbrian language, an ancient language of thePlateau of the seven Municipalities.

Subsequently decides to expand his profession also becoming tour leader and together with a group of friends is a promoter and founder of the Association "PLATEAU".

In addition to his passions, it also deals with sport which passionately and much of his time.

It has several training certificates on the theme of the great war.

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