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fabio rigoni

Guide Fabio Rigoni

Nature Guide-Environmental-Historical Guide-Forester

Born in March of 1983 the Asiago 26 holds a master's degree in forestry and Environmental Sciences at theUniversity of Padua.

Since 2010 is a nature guide and environment, activities that he immediately within the Group of "PLATEAU".

From 2011 is driving at the educational nature museum to Asiago where guided tours.

From 2011 works at the Forestry of the Vicenza province and worked as a collaborator of forestry technical studies.

Keen mountain exerts skiing and hiking in the winter and hiking in summer.

Fond of the theme of the great war, are also working on historical tours.

Roles within the Association:

-Historical and naturalist guide.

-Forestry consulting Forester and environmental certification

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